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About Trail Junkie

This page is for the Trail Junkie in all of us!

This is a platform for outdoor adventure enthusists and especially focusing on mountain biking & hiking across the USA & world.

Hi im Jake Galletta a coffee based lifeform, university student, aspring entrepreneur and action sports film-maker from New Jersey. To me, nothing matches the thrill of adventure on two wheels. the perfect tool for exploring and human powered transportation. I like to spend my spare time in the wilderness, getting dirty and lost exploring, shredding my bike.

You can read my 2017 mountain bike manifersto here

Follow me on the journey of riding across the country with good trails and good friends. Ever since I first kicked my feet over a saddle ive been hooked on mountain biking from then on. Before that i didnt have a purpose to go outside much. Now i cant stop thinking about the next trail, the next trip, and the next adventure. During my journey I will bring you along with me as much as i can by documentating it.

Welcome to my website. I became an avid mountain & trail cyclist during the summer of 2016. It was a great year as I did more than 150 bike miles, many miles were done on new trails, and many were done on some old favorites. I took a good amount equal amount of photos on the trails. Here are a few of my 2016 favorites, some I just like, others bring back fond memories. All in all 2016 goes down the best year yet, and will hopefully continue through 2017.



Many of these pictures are taken from my home state of New Jersey.